If you have decided to build a skatepark, we have some information that will help you to acquaint with this field. 


Target group

Address the local skateboarding /BMX/ inline skater community and learn what kind of skatepark they want. It is very important to involve the future users into the process. They should actively participate in the debate during the project. This is best at the beginning of the project preparation. It involves particularly the type, number and size of the individual elements.


The quickest way with the least administrative burden represents earmarking funds from the municipality budget, or finding a suitable partner who would be involved as a sponsor.

Another option is obtaining a grant, however this alternative is administratively demanding and highly time-consuming. 


The designer / architect

When designing a skatepark or more precisely preparing its project, you should bear in mind that although the concrete skatepark is a construction, for which the same rules apply as for any other construction, there is a number of important details and technical procedures which are in the field of building construction uncommon and not widely known, but which are crucial for the realization of a concrete skatepark.

Above all:

  • Design parameters of reinforced concrete structures (type of concrete reinforcement parameters)
  • The composition of the substrate (a geotechnical survey is necessary)
  • Technological procedures for laying the concrete (shotcrete)
  • Techniques important to achieve the required quality of sliding layer

It is also necessary that the composition of the skatepark is in accordance with the relevant safety standards for skateparks.

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We have been designing and building skateparks for many years and we are also their active users.

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